Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sibling rivalry or empathy...part 2

This afternoon, Charlie slipped and fell down a few stairs and (understandably) started wailing. So I scooped him up and started to comfort him. Wesley saw this and ran from the playroom to the stairs, jumped off the bottom step so he would "fall" and started fake crying.

What is wrong with my children? :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sibling rivalry or empathy?

I left the house early on Monday morning to drive 30 mins to pick up a train table and parts that someone was selling on craigslist. (As an aside, the "parts" that they were giving with the table included about 100 Thomas trains and rails, which we are going to squirrel away and give to the boys over time!) So while I was gone, Rob got the boys ready and fed them a very typical breakfast of a bagel and cream cheese.

At the end of the meal, Rob was clearing their plates and started to take the huge bite that Wes had left on his table But before he could clear it, Wes shoved the entire piece in his mouth. And wouldn't you know, it got stuck on the roof of his mouth, which made him gag, which made him vomit. So Rob, the loving father that he is, was helping Wes and cleaning up. But apparently Win saw that Wes was getting a lot of attention and wanted to join in the fun, so he actually made himself gag until he was sick! When Rob told me, I couldn't stop laughing - it's just so wrong! We've already had Win and Wes purposefully hit to be put in timeout with the other - but this is a bit much!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


We were unable to make it to Maine with Nanna and Poppa, so we brought the lobster to them. As a thank you to all of the "Grands" for their love, help and support, we made a lobster and clam chowder feast. We are so thankful our parents truly like each other and enjoy each others' company!
Nanna, Poppa, Rob, Grammy & Poppy

Can you tell I'm excited to eat lobster??

Nanna & Poppa did a great job cracking their own lobsters!

We also got to visit to Belkin Lookout Farm - where Nanna even picked peaches and left us with yummy peach jam and peach ice cream thanks to GG's ice cream ball! Thank you again for the wonderful visit Nanna & Poppa!

Our beautiful boys




Cape with Nanna & Poppa

Nanna and Poppa were visiting us for 2 weeks from Virginia. We were able to take a vacation down to the cape. Unfortunately, the weather was less than desirable (for a beach). But we were still able to walk the boys to the beach and play in the sand.
Wes, Win and Charlie digging in the sand

Win, Julep, Nanna and Wesley

Nanna and Charlie tossing rocks in the ocean. (And Nanna keeping Charlie from running straight into the ocean, which is what he kept doing when we weren't looking!)

Poppa and Charlie taking a walk

Poppa and Win

Daddy and Wesley

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day fun

It is only Sunday night and we've already had a packed Labor Day weekend. We brought the boys to Belkin Lookout Farm yesterday to run around the orchards and play in their extensive children's area. The weather was gorgeous. But what really made the day was that you get to ride a train throughout the orchard, to get to the different areas. The boys were convinced they were riding on Thomas the Train (or Tommy Train, as they call him) and LOVED every minute of it. We even met another family with triplets - sitting just 2 rows behind us on the train. We will definitely head back there when Nanna and Poppa visit next week! After (a nice long) nap, we wanted to continue to take advantage of the weather, so we walked the boys to a local park and let them run around and play for nearly 2 hours.

Today we headed to church in the morning. When the boys woke from their nap, we jumped in the car and drove up to hang out with our dear friends Adam, Jen, and their girls Piper and Ronnie Bash. Here are some pics that Adam caught:
I was holding Ronnie Bash in my lap and Win & Wes insisted on joining us.

The kids table

The boys are obsessed with guitars. Thankfully, Adam is a musician and had 3 guitars (2 real and 1 toy) for the boys to play with. Charlie chose to play his on his head. It's amazing how the real guitars were a much bigger hit than the toy - kids are smart! I'm off to search for inexpensive, used guitars for them to beat up on...

Friday, September 4, 2009

A rainy Saturday

Last Saturday was a washout. It was a downpour all day long - so wet that we didn't even want to run outside to the car, just to take a drive to get out of the house. So we ended up staying in our pjs until lunch, just lounging and playing with the boys. It looked something like this:

And the afternoon was no better, so we decided to try out a movie with the boys. We put in "Cars" with low expectations, but they actually lasted for over half of it! A lazy day is so nice every now and then.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Charlie's first (real) haircut!

So he made it over 2 years, but as you saw from the Maine photos, Charlie was in desperate need for his first professional haircut. Winston and Wesley also needed another cut. So two weeks ago, Grammy, Rob and I brought all 3 of the boys to a local barbershop for a few trims.
Charlie, a little uncertain


As Cha-dah (or Cha Bunn, as Win and Wes refer to him) would say "Ahhhh done!"

Win and Charlie enjoy post-haircut lollipops, while Wesley gets his trim