Monday, October 25, 2010

Elm Bank

I'm am horrible about blogging, and truth be told, I don't know how much longer I can do this. Rob "gave me permission" (which is his way of saying, "give yourself permission") to shut this blog down at the end of the year. We'll see. But in the meantime, I will not stress about posting photos from Maine or the end of the summer, or start of the year for that matter.

We have been in the middle of getting into the new school year routine, as well as potty training (this will take a good year or 12 before we're done with it...). So life is a little...hectic. But I did manage to charge up the camera battery (apparently it had been dead of months?) and we headed to Elm Bank, a local garden that is part of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society. We loved it so much that we joined for the year. They even have a special children's garden with huge sandbox, castle to climb, and oversized chair.

Here are a few keepers. The photos are pretty great as well...
Charlie and Wes


Wes (think they need a haircut?)

Wes, Win and Charlie

Win, fountain, and Wes