Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our new bed

2010 and my ability to blog have not gone hand in hand. But I'm attempting to get back on track now that it's April? Is it April? Who knows.

Some time back (I could say days, but it probably more like weeks, maybe months), Rob and I gave our bedroom a makeover. We painted walls, trim, and ceiling. I can't even remember where the boys were. I think they stayed overnight with Grammy and Poppy? We bought our first real bed, new rug, nightstands, curtains went up. It is wonderful. So great that all the boys want to do now is wake up at 5:30am and come climb in bed with us. And no, they don't sleep. Or cuddle. Yesterday, Wes started poking at my face (including the requisite "boop" every time he made contact), fighting over which pillow they get, elbowing/kicking/singing. It's all quite sweet. But 5:30am?
Wesley, Winston and Charlie


Back in mid-March, my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew came up for a visit. It happened to be during the worst weather we've had in years. (I've heard it referred to as the 100 year storm - a storm so bad you see it only once every 100 years. The rain lasted 3 of the 4 days of their visit and flooded most every road to my parents' house, making it nearly impossible to drive out to them to visit. Oh, and did I mention this is when the boys were all drastically sick, so only Wesley could visit with me at first while Win and Charlie recovered.)

Anyhow, despite all of this, it was a wonderful visit. Here were a few pics from our trip to the playground, once the sun came out.


Grammy, Wes and Charlie

Sunday, April 18, 2010


While out for a girls night, Rob sent these adorable photos to my phone. He made the boys their own "robot" costumes out of paper bags. The boys LOVED it!
Wes & Win


Sneaking Bunny!

Wes' new favorite activity is sneaking into the hall closet (our makeshift pantry) to sneak dry cereal and juice boxes when no one is looking. If he hears my footsteps, he'll even pull the door near closed, with the hopes I won't notice he's in there.

Wes shoveling cereal

Getting caught. The boys have learned to use their adorableness to try to get them out of trouble!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Theta Beta Beta Poll Question

Dear Friends:

We are asking you to weigh in and vote on the toddler quote of the day:

#1 Wes: "Charlie, you get Mommy and I'll get Daddy." (Notes- Mommy and Daddy were both soon tackled while sitting on the floor of the boys' bedroom. If anyone had doubts that one could conspire before the age of legal majority, this should remove them. )

#2 Charlie: "I love scotch!" (Notes- Mommy has resolved never again to take a nap that close to 5:00 pm and Daddy has officially withdrawn his application for Father of the Year, though he continues to protest that Charlie quite slyly dipped his fingers in Daddy's drink while Daddy was not looking.)

#3 Daddy: "Shut up, Charlie." (Notes - spoken about .5 seconds after #2. While Daddy is technically not a toddler, it somehow seems appropriate to include here.)

Long live democracy! We can't wait to see which wins.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

We had a glorious Easter weekend! It began with a beautiful Good Friday service. This service was especially poignant due to the death of our neighbor that same day. I had only met this woman once - she had been housebound since the time we moved in. But I would always see her head in the window, so her presence was known every day, and her husband is a remarkable man who has spent years caring for her. This is the same man, who even in his advanced age, shoveled our driveway when we were away in Virginia, just so we would be able to park the car and carry the boys in. But as we were leaving for the Good Friday service, we saw a hearse pull up in front of their house. Shaken by the reality of death, the service was a beautiful reminder of how Jesus' death (and resurrection) was the greatest gift ever given.

Saturday morning, our neighborhood all gathered for an Easter egg hunt for the kids. The boys had such fun finding the eggs and would stop and eat them along them (great sugar high...). We then headed off to my parents' house. Another beautiful service for Easter morning, followed by another Easter egg hunt. I forgot my camera for all these fun events, but was able to capture a few with my phone.

This is Wes smiling with a mouthful of jelly beans

Win stopping to eat his candy


Charlie with a mouthful of candy

The happy parents

And Julep was there too!