Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We are homeowners!

We have the keys to our first home! We were warned about the number of pages that would need to be signed or initialed. It actually wasn't as bad as we expected. Although I somehow lost out and had to sign my first middle maiden and last name every time. Four names to Rob's two! My favorite form was the one that lists your possible aliases. We tried to get the lawyer to add "Buckshot Bunn" to Rob's, but it didn't make the list. To celebrate we're going to have champagne tonight. But we're going to have it with hotdogs since we just signed away all of our money!

Rob carrying me over the threshold

Our new baby

And to our surprise, we received an amazing housewarming gift from our friend (and realtor), Noah and his wife Lisa. A lawnmower! Rob was so excited, he threatened to go cut the lawn in his buttondown and khakis.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Win & Wes on the move

Yesterday, both Winston and Wesley got on their hands and knees and started scooting forward with their back legs.

Here's a photo of Win

Wesley and Charlie playing together. (Wes stood there unassisted for a long time!)

(Disregard the hand holding Wes up...)

And I have to share something that just cracked me up. I was looking at to research the steps needed to install a banister and a dishwasher. I was curious to see what articles they had for triplets. I found one that said "How to feed Triplets". Here I am thinking that someone has finally figured it out and is answering this million dollar question with step by step instructions. And it said, Step 1: Get some help.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

10 months old

The boys turn 10 months old today. They are active little men. And they are getting big! They have 3 meals of solids a day and 4 bottles (soon to be 3), so it seems like we're always feeding them. But they are doing great with foods, quickly preferring finger foods and feeding themselves to being spoon-fed. The sweetest thing is watching them all dance (sway back and forth) whenever they hear music or singing. And changing them has become a full contact sport. They want to flip over to the moment I put them down, so there are toys to distract, shoulders pinned, wrestling with legs. I think we will quickly move to changing on the floor.

Winston is quickly becoming very mobile. He is getting up all his hands and knees and often looks like he is doing yoga poses. He still gets around by squirming, pivoting and rolling, but not for long. The other day, he was sitting on the floor in front of me. He turned around and pulled himself up on me to a standing position and proceeded to squeal with delight. The other major change for Win is that it seems like he's developed a bit of a sensitivity to new places. At both Rob's graduation and my new mom's group, he was fine when I was holding him, but then when I was out of eye-shot, quickly melted down and could not be consoled for nearly an hour. So we're going to work on bringing them new places and making sure we are holding or in view of Win. This really surprised me since it came out of nowhere, but I guess this is common at his age.

Wesley is also more mobile. He can get around so quickly with his pivoting and rolling. He will get on his belly and quickly kick him legs and move his arms, so he is close. He is curious - he will reach under the chair and pull out toys or find the wires under the jumper. But he is also content to sit in one place and play with the toys around him (which I appreciate!). And the moment you pick up Wes and stand him in front of you, he will start jumping. Seriously, the boy would jump all day if he could. It was so sweet to witness Win and Wesley interact the other day. While I was changing Charlie, Win and Wes were in the crib together, facing each other on their bellies. They would rub their heads together and then look at each other and smile and giggle. I can only wonder if this is what they used to do in the womb.

Charlie is always on the move. And I mean always. He is even like a pinball in his crib when he is sleeping. And he is not stopped by blockade. Yesterday, I put an exersaucer in front of the recliner so he wouldn't climb up on it or crawl on Julep's bed, so he figured he could crawl through the exersaucer to get to the other side. He is crawling on hands and knees, climbing on anything and everything. (In the time it took to write that sentence, he climbed up on our packed boxes, the outside of the happy jumper, the coffee table - where he almost reached the coffee mugs and magazines, and now he's eating my slipper. No, now he's in my lap because he tried to eat my power cord.) But the best is the pause before getting into something he shouldn't where he looks back over his shoulder at me and smiles. Also, Charlie has started signing "more" during mealtime!

Taking photos of all 3 is nearly impossible as they don't stay on their backs. I was able to take one photo. (L-R: Win, Wes & Charlie)

This is what the rest of the time was like...

Thursday, May 22, 2008


The good news is that in less than a week, we will be homeowners. Next Wednesday, we will sign away our life savings (thankfully they are not requiring our firstborn). The packing has begun, but it is a slow process. Thankfully, our wonderful part-time nanny, Cortney, has been able to watch the boys so I can pack, run off to the bank to deal with the money for closing, etc.

The bad news is that the boys have moved up their wake time. They seem to be making a habit of waking up at 4:50am. That's not morning, that's still the middle of the night! So, we're not exactly well-rested. Rob is now officially back to work full time. I definitely miss having him home with us (even if he was upstairs working or studying). But I'm thankful for how blessed we were to have the boys' first 9 months together at home, let alone my pregnancy/bedrest. People always asked us how we would survive having triplets while Rob was in school, but it turned out to be best thing possible for family.

In the 3 hours it has taken to type this post, I have had to chase down Charlie 7 times, bounce Wes on my lap, move the box that Win managed to straddle, stop and take the boys in the kitchen to feed them breakfast, sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider and The Wheels on the Bus, change them, read to them and put them down for a nap...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

As a token of their love, the boys had a Red Sox T-shirt customized for their Daddy's birthday today.

Happy Birthday!

Monday, May 12, 2008

A wonderful Mother's Day

The greatest gift on Mother's Day? Sleep! Rob let me sleep in - though how times have changed when waking at 7:30am is considered sleeping in! He prepared a special breakfast (my favorite: bagels with cream cheese, salmon, capers, red onions and lime, and of course, mimosas) for all of us. We then headed out to Grammy and Poppy's to celebrate the day. Rob prepared crab cakes and salads for all - it was such a treat.

But I must say, one of the most special parts of the day was when my parent's mentioned they found a 1st grade Mother's Day project that I did in school: Haikus for Mom. There on the first page was the haiku I wrote for my mom when I was 6. So as a present for my first Mother's Day, my parent's wrote me a haiku:

Gently nurtures three
Clothed with dignity and strength
Brings sweet joy to all

How sweet is that! Thank you Mom & Dad!

Granny, Poppa, Winston, Uncle Raymond, Charlie, Wesley and Nanna

A Mother's Day portrait (Winston had his new pouty face on, but he was also sitting in my lap practicing his "m" sounds by saying "mamamamama"!)





Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Graduation!

Rob graduated with his Master of Divinity degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (Magna Cum Laude, no less!) on Saturday. Four years of hard work (and triplets, no less), it was a day to which we all looked forward. To celebrate the occasion, Rob's family (Nanna, Poppa, Granny and Uncle Raymond) came up from Virginia. It has been a wonderful visit. And as always, they have been a tremendous help. Winston, Charlie and I came down with a nasty cold and fever. Their care allowed me to sleep off my fever and recover.

The processional (Rob missed me yelling "Robbie! Robbie Robbie!" like some paparazzi.)

Nanna and Grammy with Wes and Charlie. (Poppy spent the entire ceremony outside the hall soothing a screaming Winston. Thank you Poppy!)

Posing after receiving his diploma

The recessional

The family

We had a small celebration for Rob afterwards. It will come as no surprise, but when asked how he would like to celebrate, Rob said, I just want to eat barbecue and hang out with friends and family. And that is what we did.

Friends on the porch

Elisa with (Carol and Jeremy's) Soren

Like father, like son. Winston found his bottom lip!

Uncle Raymond and Charles Raymond

Granny and Wesley

Nanna and Winston

Grammy and Charlie

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cindy & the Derby

We have had the pleasure of a visit from my dear friend Cindy, who is in town from San Francisco.

Here she is cuddling with Charlie, Wesley and Win

And because yesterday was Derby Day, Rob made Mint Juleps in our very own silver Mint Julep cups, a gift from the wonderful Jamie. Here are the 3 Juleps, 2 in the foreground, one in the back.

Parents of the Year: Juleps and kids

Owen & Lucy's birthday party

Today the boys went to their very first birthday party. Our dear friends Ellie and Kevin's kids Owen and Lucy turned 1 and 3 respectively. This was the first time the boys met Owen and Lucy.

And to say hello, Owen crawled over and sat on Wesley.

Charlie saying hello

Then Owen left Wes and Charlie and sat on Winston

Lucy preparing to blow out her 3 candles

Owen and his dad blowing out the candle (or grabbing the candle, in Owen's case)


I've mentioned before that I really don't like doing posts about only one of the boys. But Wesley has recently provided a few amusing moments.

He found our basket of clean washcloths (our burp cloths)

Which then became a fun toy for him and Win

The best bedhead