Thursday, April 30, 2009

First (real) haircuts!

Winston's and Wesley's hair had become so long, I'm sure it was hard for them to see. I had cut their hair at home on two occasions, but this time we needed to bring in the professionals. It was time. So Poppy came over to help me bring them to our local Supercuts. The boys only cried for the first half (it all started when they sprayed their hair), but once they realized they had lollipops (a first), all was good.
(Wesley on left, Win on right)


All was better once he tasted the lollipop! He kept saying "nummy nummy".


Win overhearing the ladies in the back saying how cute all the boys are! Notice Charlie just hanging out in the background.

Charlie loved this experience. He hung out, watched the haircut show AND got a lollipop.

Stop to smell the roses

Rob got me a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my birthday. When the boys saw it, they kept saying "flower", so we decided to give them a rose to smell. Win and Wes did a great job taking turns!
Wesley & Win

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A great day sandwiched between two very bad days

I had a wonderful birthday last Friday. I woke up to the smell of my favorite coffee brewing, and got to sit down with my four favorite men for a breakfast of bagels with lox, cream cheese, capers, red onion, and lime. Valerie came for the morning and I left to treat myself to a pedicure and a few (fun) errands - like buying cupcakes! I spent the afternoon at the park, meeting up with a friend with twins and other twin moms. (The boys were hysterical. Wes kept finding and handing rocks to a random grandfather. Charlie wanted to stir his stick in another girl's sand bucket - she was not happy with this. Even when I got him a bucket of his own, he only wanted to play with hers. And Win joined us in the sandbox and proceeded to throw sand on the girl's mom, which she thought was funny.) After the boys went to bed, Rob got take out from our favorite Thai place and we proceeded to play with my gift - a Wii!

So backing up, the day before had been very trying. The boys were just screaming left and right, starting fights, throwing tantrum after tantrum. But the kicker was when (in his crib) Win decided to pull down his diaper and pee everywhere. Covering about a quarter of the room. And all this was before 11am.

But I would have traded everything for that awful Thursday, when on Saturday, I woke up with the stomach flu. Thankfully, it only lasted about 36 hours, but it knocked me out. And thankfully, it was a Saturday, so Rob was home and able to care for the boys without any help from me. But all is better now!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Sickhouse...again

The boys have been fighting a cold for the last few weeks. They had runny noses and low-grade fevers that would come and go. So we didn't really worry about it. (I even called the pediatrician when Charlie started complaining about his ears, but they said it was nothing until he had a high fever.) So when Wes and Charlie spiked high fevers on Thursday and Friday, we decided to take them in for the doctor's sick hours. It was going to only be the two of them, until Winston started wheezing and barking (cough). After 2 hours of waiting, we were seen. Turns out that Charlie and Wes just have a cold - thankfully no ear infections. But Win, on the other hand, might have croup. We were given a steroid to reduce the swelling of his airways and sent on our way, reassured that the boys would be okay.

So later that night, we went to a Red Sox game with our dear friends Adam and Jen. It was a gorgeous, warm night, complete with the best seats we've ever sat in at Fenway - 12 rows directly behind home plate!! The only downside to the evening was learning that while we were off enjoying ourselves, Wes' fever had spiked up to 104.7! A record in this house. Valerie (our wonderful nanny) handled everything beautifully. The boys slept on and off through the night, and Rob was up with Wes at 5am. They are still struggling with their fevers, so they have enjoyed a morning in their pajamas, watching doo-dah (videos). Hopefully they will all start to feel better soon!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter hats, part 2

Apparently the boys will wear Easter hats. Just not the ones we bought for them. They have enjoyed wearing their Easter baskets as hats.

Winston and Charlie

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Boys will be boys

While we were out at my parents' house, they brought out the Barbie van that I used to play with as a child. The boys found a new way to play with the van - to get in and drive it! I love that these two images of Wes and Win are like mirror images: one hand on the wheel, one arm out of the van.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter eggs

While the boys were napping, we hid plastic eggs (filled with goldfish) throughout the house. Once they realized they were filled with food, they opened and consumed the eggs immediately.
Win was a master at finding the hidden eggs

Charlie opening an egg

Wesley about to eat his fish

Easter driving

We spent Easter weekend with my parents (Grammy & Poppy). This allowed us to go to the baptism of our dear friends' daughter on Saturday night (as well as sneak in a rare dinner out in Harvard Square). Easter was filled with worship, naps, great food, laughs, and outside playtime (despite the 39 degree weather!)

Grammy borrowed these great cars for the boys. The loved driving around (often backwards) and bumping into each other.




Traffic jam

Easter hats

So last Easter, we caught this adorable photo of the boys in their Easter hats. In an attempt to capture their cuteness this year, we put the boys in their Easter hats and sat them on this same love seat. Who were we kidding! The hats were immediately torn off, and they quickly jumped back down the floor.
Easter 2008

So Plan B: just get ANY photo of them in their hats. We bribed them with an M&M to put their hat on. Here is Winston getting his bribe.

Charlie's best photo

And Wesley, crawling through the table, with the dog's rawhide in hand

It will be years before they all take a photo together. I hope we can take a family photo...someday....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Parents' Revenge

We put Winston and Wesley to bed tonight with their sleepers on backwards. We're hoping that with the snap and zipper in the back, they won't be able to undress themselves like they did this morning.

Wes and Win romping in Wesley's crib as Charlie was being changed

Wesley trying to figure out why the feet of his pjs were backwards

One word: YUCK

Remember when we woke up to this sight?

Well, this morning both Win and Wes had removed their sleepers and thrown them on the floor. But to make matters worse, Win took it one step further and had taken off his dirty diaper and threw it on the floor. We will spare you the details and a photo of the scene because it was a mess.

And sadly this is not an April Fools joke.