Monday, August 23, 2010

"Active kids"

When I tell people that my kids are "active" and "fearless", this is what I mean. This is the game they started playing one night while I was making dinner.

At least they took turns?

Firetruck Birthday Party

Happy 3rd Birthday Winston, Wesley & Charlie!

Friends and kids filled the backyard

We tossed water balloons

Wes, Win and Charlie awaiting the cake. We ordered these adorable custom firetruck shirts for each of them. I highly recommend the vendor - she was great to work with!

There was even a fire station pinata...

...which didn't want to open, so Rob and Adam had to tear it open...

...and candy went flying everywhere!

Charlie sneaking some more icing

After most left, the boys cooled off in the sprinkler with their friends Piper and Ronnie Bash. Firetruck hats and sugar-high included.

Win, Wes and Charlie turn 3!

At the end of July, the boys celebrated their 3rd birthday with a firetruck-themed party. The day before, we brought them out to Grammy & Poppy's house and surprised them with bikes!
Finding their surprise outside




You'll notice the bikes don't have training wheels or pedals. We chose glide bikes, which are supposed to teach them how to balance on two wheels. They love them!