Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Beach!

We joined a local membership pond beach for the summer. The boys LOVE it! There is a small beach with docks (to separate the shallow and deep sections), boats, picnic area, and playground. Today was the first day I brought the boys by myself. I was nervous about keeping track of all 3 of them (especially since they don't know how to swim!), but they did a great job. We have 3 swim vests on order, so that will give some peace of mind. It also helps that I'm the first person (no joke) at the beach, so they can explore before it gets crowded.

After exploring the water and beach, the boys sat together in the water and made a train.
(Charlie, Wes & Winston)

Run to Homebase

Oh how far behind I am! Rob ran the 1st Red Sox Run to Homebase 9k at the end of May. Nanna and Poppa were visiting from Virginia, so we were able to bring the boys to Fenway to watch Daddy run. It was an inspirational day. The run raised money for the Run to the Homebase program that assists veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or brain injuries, in conjunction with MGH (where the boys were born).
Rob at the starting line. Fenway park in to the left.

There were about 2500 runners!

Grammy and Poppy also came in to watch the race. Poppy is holding Charlie on his back and Wes on his front!

Winston in his Red Sox hat.

In the stands at Fenway, looking for Rob while watching all the runners cross home plate.

Rob crossing home base in Fenway Park! (He's the one in front of the white sign.)

Afterward, we enjoyed some ice cream.

Congrats Rob!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy (belated) Birthday Rob!

Rob's birthday was a few weeks back. Grammy came over to surprise Rob with a balloon and a card. But the real surprise was when he read the card, which said that they were taking the boys overnight!
Rob's reaction

My surprise for Rob was that I had made reservations at our favorite restaurant in Boston. So we quickly got ready, took the train in and had an amazing meal!
On the train

My view

The other view

The yummy soft-shell crab

Mother's Day cake

Grammy & Poppy came over for dinner on Mother's Day, but the showstopper was the cake the boys made for us.
Daddy gave them each a bowl of batter with the food coloring of their choice. Charlie chose yellow,

Wesley chose blue (though with yellow cake mix it looked green!)

And shocker, Win chose red.

They each poured their batter in the pan,

with only one spilled (that they quickly devoured).

Then they chose colors to mix their own icing,

and told Daddy where to put it!

Thanks boys!