Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another milestone - yippee!

This is Rob, and I have high jacked the blog since Ginger very cleverly got me to agree to let her go shopping for the very first attempt at having the boys sleep in toddler beds. Well played, Sweetie. Very well played.

So here is the rundown. Ginger and I took off the crib tents this morning and converted the cribs to toddler beds. The boys also got their first pillows! Right now it is 1:45 and the past hour has gone something like this:

12:45 - Win ends story time in the middle of One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish because he stood up in his crib for the 528 time. Daddy's gotta enforce some boundaries, right?

12:53 - Daddy back into the bedroom for the first time. Win has ripped down the paper lantern over his bed and is now playing catch with Wes. Win was perched on the corner of his crib leaning over toward Wes with two outstretched arms. Traumatic head injury narrowly averted. Daddy collects lantern, moves cribs farther apart, and tells the boys to lay down and go to sleep using his serious voice.

1:03 - Ginger calls. Doesn't seem to be gloating, but I think it is a facade. Sounds from the bedroom: THUD.....Waaaaahhhhhh! Charlie takes the first header out of his crib. When Daddy comes through the door both Win and Wes are riding their crib rails like horses. More serious voice. Comfort Charlie. Head wound, yes. Traumatic, no. Boys lay back down

1:06 - 1:38 - Monkey party rages in bedroom. Daddy sticks head in at 1:31 to get Charlie and Wes off of the mini-blinds.

1:39 - Daddy enters to survey situation. All pillows are on the floor. All sleepers on are the floor. By the grace of God, all diapers are on. Daddy smells poop. Changes Winston. More serious voice in a lower octave. Sleepers go on backwards. Corporal punishment is threatened (but in an appropriate manner, consistent with MA DSS guidelines for beating your children).

1:45 - Daddy begins to blog to a steady stream of unhappy editorial from upstairs ("All done big-boy bed....Daaaaadddddy! Blaaaannnkkkeeee!). Editorial comments devolve into indiscriminate crying.

1:55 - Daddy ends blog post to collect blankets and otherwise soothe grumpy tots. Contemplates Tylenol for the boys and Jack Daniels for himself.

I am giving 5:1 to anyone willing to bet that the boys will sleep this afternoon. Somebody wanta piece of that action?

Monday, January 11, 2010


And the long overdue updates continue...

Christmas Day began with a bang. Literally. Rob and Poppa drove to Lori and Granny's street to fire off the annual shotgun at 5am. This tradition has gone on for around 60 years, to signify the start to Christmas.

The view out the window Christmas morning


We went over to Traci and Bruce's house to celebrate with everyone. I just realized this photo has all but one (Brett) of the cousins! Of course no one is looking, but there is Ann, Charlie, Wesley, Winston, Liam and Abby!

Lala and Liam

Christmas Day is also our niece Ann's birthday. Her party was the day after - the boys LOVED the cupcakes! The boys will always associate Aunt Traci with cupcakes!

Granny, our newest nephew Brett and Uncle Raymond

Charlie, Winston and Wes

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Eve

I am quite behind in posting photos and memories of the holidays, but I'm going to start with Christmas Eve and try to catch up over the next few days. We drove to Virginia (thanks again to Uncle Raymond for helping us drive!) to spend Christmas with Rob's family.

It was a wonderful trip, filled with lasting memories: the boys first real Christmas Eve at Granny's (more on that below), Poppa's trains, playing with cousins, feeding/chasing the seagulls at the Lion's Bridge (the sign only specified to not feed the ducks), driving through the Celebration of Lights, visiting the Virginia Living Museum with Nanna & Poppa, massages for Rob & Ginger, first visit to Chick-fil-A (boys' & Ginger's!) and most of all, visiting with family!

Christmas Eve was a blessing. It was such a joy to see the boys take part in the tradition has taken place for the last 50 years. The played with family they hadn't seen in 2 years, listened to the Christmas story (Luke) read by Granny, played Granny's piano, and ate the traditional meal (no, they weren't brave enough to try collards).

Playing Granny's piano (Charlie, Wesley, Winston)

Winston liked to "sing" along with the piano

And Wesley would clap at the end. It was a hysterical sight (and sound)!

While we were singing carols, Win and Wes discovered that Kaci and Phyllis would give them sips of Diet Coke. After which, they would twirl around in the middle of the room and fall to the ground (and then go beg for more).

Winston loving his first sips of soda!

They then helped Granny hand out jingle bells, and the moment Granny got up from the piano bench, Charlie stole her seat and started playing!

Charlie made his move for the empty seat

After singing, Winston giggled hysterically as he played with Kaci. She would hide under the table and jump out - and he LOVED it!

Playing with Uncle Raymond - the same home that he and Poppa grew up in!