Monday, February 25, 2008

We have a nephew!

Christian Andrew Younghwan Warner was born today at 6:06EST weighing 6lbs 6ozs! He and his amazing mama, Mi Jung, are doing great. We can't wait to meet him!

7 months old

The boys turn 7 months old today! It is shocking to believe that they are now closer to 1 than birth. They are such little characters. We now have the help of a part-time nanny, Cortney, who is fantastic. Her help allows Rob to work & study, and gives me an extra set of hands until I return to work.

Winston, Wesley and Charlie - 7 months old

For comparison, here they were at 2 months old:

After today's photo...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Friday, February 22, 2008

3 one of a kinds

Another big day with milestones!

Winston sat unassisted!

And Charlie started crawling - backwards! Here is a photo from the start. He ended up by the crib behind him.

One of these kids is doing his own thing...

Is this considered child abuse?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Where does the time go?

It seems like the boys age a year every week. We have a hard time remembering back to when they were only 4lbs. They are such little men with big personalities already. I hate the thought of labeling them, because they all change labels all the time.

Right now, we're witnessing Charlie's need for constant movement. Every morning, we will find him in a different position in the crib: upside down playing with his bunnies, on his side hugging the bumper, feet sticking out, etc. And even tonight during his last bottle, he kept sitting up by pushing off the boppy with his elbow.

Wesley is a fantastic eater. We always put him in the middle booster seat so that we each get a chance to feed him. It's adorable to watch him throw his whole body forward to take a bite, especially while we're coaxing the other two just to open their mouths for cereal! And he loves the bath and water. Just tonight, he spent the entire bath leaned over in his seat to splash with both his hands and feet. I ended up soaked, as did the floor.

Winston rolled over from his back to his belly yesterday! He has great physical control. It amazes me how long he can sit up unassisted. Poppy and I spent some time helping Win "walk" in between us. We would hold him under his arms and he would literally take steps back and forth between us. Looking back, I don't know why we would want to rush his mobility!

We just feel so blessed that they are still such content boys. Teething and reflux have made life a little interesting, but if that is the worst of it, we're doing okay.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Teeth for everyone!

Winston has his first tooth! We discovered his new pearly white this morning. That would explain his slight fever the other day and desire to chew on anything and everything. Wes' second tooth on the bottom is still moments away from emerging, as is one of Charlie's top front teeth. Such grown up little men!

On the eating front, they've also branched out from sweet potatoes. Last night they tried green beans for the first time and loved them. Grammy and Poppy came over to help feed them since I had three straight days of handling back to back feedings and baths on my own. It doesn't sound bad, but it's exhausting trying to coordinate three with only two hands. So it was such a treat to get a break.

Our friend Carl came over this morning to hang out and help with the boys. I had to run to the Apple store to finally figure out how to get our videos off the video camera (yay!). But wouldn't you know, the boys slept the entire time I was gone! But it was much fun feeding the boys their cereal and bottles with Carl. He was a natural.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

click image to enlarge

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bunn rhymes with fun

First and foremost, thank you again Nanna for all of your help! And thank you Poppa for letting us borrow her for a few weeks.

The boys seemed to master eating rice cereal, so we decided to introduce a new flavor and feeding. They had previously accompanied us in the kitchen while we ate dinner, before their last bottle. So it seemed like a perfect time to put them in their booster seats and have them sit around the table with us and join us for a meal. We even all held hands to say grace together. Such a sweet family moment. While we had pasta with a friend's homemade pesto and toasted pine nuts, they had sweet potatoes for the first time! By their second meal last night, they were crying out for more. The three of them polished off two tubs and still wanted more. But we did learn that we need to decrease their nighttime bottle unless we want to continue to get sprayed.

Some photos from playtime yesterday.
Wesley found another use for the activity mat toys

Charlie eats the yellow polka dots on the jumper seat. Only the yellow polks dots

Getting caught

Winston in the exersaucer

Naptime was quite amusing today. As we listened to Winston discover that he could kick the mobile on and off with his feet, we found Julep must be double jointed. She curled herself into a ball to fit in the boys' Bobby pillow.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fun with Macs

Folks asked to see photos of my new haircut. It took me awhile to find a photo that I was happy with...




Saturday, February 9, 2008

Introducing Mamagurk!

So, you'd think with 3 babies, a dog and a busy (but wonderfully helpful and involved) husband that there would be no time to start another blog. I say why not. Let's do it. It's not like the boys and I have any place to go while the snow piles up.

So here is my shameless plug for Mamagurk: baby tips and products from a triplet mama. I am the first to tell you that I often have no clue what I am doing. As with all new parents, you learn by doing (often this involves learning through your mistakes!), asking friends and family, researching online and through books, etc. It is such a Godsend to have someone that you can turn to that has been through the stage you are approaching. For example, Ellie has taught me everything from weaning off the pump to breaking swaddle habits, and Becky has taught me new terms like "probiotics". The blog is a place for me to share tips and products that have served me well, especially with multiples in mind. As well as pass along the timeless and sage advice that was given to me. If you visit the site, please pass along your own experiences in the comments section so we can all learn from you!

And in an effort to raise a few extra coins, the blog has its own Amazon store from which you can purchase great baby items.

Enjoy! - pass it on

(Mamagurk is a nickname my brother gave me many many years ago. He told me at the time that he envisioned me in my later years running a diner in Charlottesville. He imagined it would be filled with UVA fraternity boys and I would be a bit of a motherly figure for them, cooking them good ole comfort food. I suppose 3 boys is bit like a mini-fraternity...)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Break out the Crest

Wesley's first tooth came in! His other front bottom tooth is on its way as well. And Charlie's second tooth has broken through! Before we know it, we'll have to figure out how to brush their itty bitty teeth.

And Winston was sitting up for a long time (almost a minute) unassisted today. Well, I suppose it wasn't entirely unassisted: Wes helped break Win's fall.

Wesley & Winston

Monday, February 4, 2008

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Lizzie shoes

Lizzie, just wanted to tell you that the Grands dubbed the turtle shoes that you gave the boys "Lizzie shoes". They all miraculously stayed on while they took the boys out for a walk. Charlie also claimed the matching jumper you gave them by having a blowout. He has a funny way of saying thank you.

Go Patriots!

Yes, I'm posting during the Superbowl. And for some unknown reason, Rob is defying the laws of nature and is rooting for the Giants. Awful. At least he's a Red Sox fan.

Our cuties, who are Pats fans!

Charlie and the tongue that is constantly curled

Winston looking fierce

Wesley, surprised by the camera

Charlie chewing on the frozen washcloth. Turns out he loved it - it must have felt great on his swollen gums.

Nanna, Winston, Grammy & Wesley

Infants no more!

One of Charlie's bottom teeth has poked its way through! We have a baby with teeth - where has the time gone! His other bottom tooth and the top two are on their way. Win and Wes' gums have swelled, indicating their teeth are not far behind. We haven't felt the disastrous effects of teething, thankfully. Charlie's sleep was a bit disturbed about two weeks ago (45 min naps and waking during the night). Wes was a little fussy, but nothing terrible or constant. And you would never know anything was going on to disturb Winston's sunny demeanor.

Wesley surprised everyone by sitting unassisted for 5 seconds yesterday. I know that sounds like, well, seconds. But as Rob put it, it seemed like 20 minutes!

And I'm now officially pump-free. I stopped pumping when the boys turned 6 months old, with mixed emotions. I'm so thankful that I was able to breastfeed for two months, that they were able to get breast milk for 6 months, and that we had so much help with the boys that allowed me to sneak away and pump. But it is difficult knowing that they will no longer receive benefits (antibodies, antioxidants, and I'm sure other "anti's"). I will not miss cleaning and sanitizing all the pump parts, nursing bras, the time it took, and, well, the pump itself.