Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Home sweet home

Ginger was discharged on Monday and was able to sleep in her own bed last night. It is mind-boggling to me how quickly she is recovering. I had a non-invasive appendectomy and when I came home I slept for 36 straight hours. She had two major surgeries in a week and comes home to climb stairs and pump breast milk every 3 hours through the night. God knew what he was doing when he designed for women to have children.

It is so settling to have our base of operations shift back home. We went in to the NICU to see the boys from about 11:00 - 3:00, and I suspect that will be our routine for a while. We were able to take in our own clothes and blankets for the boys, so for the first time in their lives they are not wearing hospital clothes!

The big news of this day is that the NICU nurses are now talking about Charlie coming home a week from Thursday. We are so excited about this possibility that we could split! We are both hoping that Win and Wes would be able to follow a few days later, but, at least at this point, Charlie is the frontrunner.

Below are a few more photos from the day (so you know, the reason Charlie has no pictures is because he is the champion nurser, and Momma forbids those pictures). The night nurses at MGH got the boys together for their first photo as brothers, and we are trying to get it scanned so that we can post it as well.

Wes, swaddled and sleeping

Poppa holds Wes

Itty-bitty baby

Win sleeps in his own onesie

Monday, July 30, 2007

Not Larry Moe and Curly

Just a quick post to let you all know where the boys names came from. It meant a lot to both of us to honor our families by passing along all family names. Although "Huey Dewey and Louey" was tempting, we opted for the following...

Winston Robert: Winston was Rob's Pappy's name. Robert is for both Rob and his father.

Wesley James: Wesley was Rob's Granny's father's and brother's middle name. James is for Ginger's grandfather, father and brother.

Charles Raymond: Charles was from Ginger's ancestor Charles Lane Poor, from whom Ginger and her mother share the middle name Lane. Raymond is for Rob's uncle.

For those of you who were frustrated that we kept these names secret, do know that these were not the first names we decided on. It wasn't until we were faced with the imminent arrival of the boys that the names were (changed) and settled. Ginger likes to keep her options open till the last second apparently.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

A good day

It has been a good day - very quiet - which is largely what the doctor ordered (pun intended).

All the boys continue to progress well. Win and Charlie even nursed for over 20 minutes a piece. Wes spit up after a few straight feedings, so his IV has been put back in and the nurses are working to clear a small obstruction in his bowel.

Ginger is also progressing nicely. She has twice walked down to the NICU to see the boys, and took her first shower since Monday. I remember when she was finally to call the doctor on Monday, she insisted on showering before we went in. Little did she know what a wise decision that was.

We have posted some photos below, as well as a great note from one of the NICU nurses.

Win with a Bunn chin, perhaps?

Wes responds to Rob's singing

Charlie in Ginger's arms

A note from a great nurse

Shanna, a NICU nurse here at Mass General that has been taking super care of our our boys, asked to be able to post some info about how the boys are doing, and we are happy to let her do so. How could we dream of saying "no," given the exceptional care that she and the other NICU nurses have given our boys. We owe her (and all of them) far more than simply letting them post here.

Below are Shanna's words:

Hello, my name is Shanna and I am privileged to be one of the many nurses in the NICU at MGH caring for the Bunn Trips. I was in the delivery room when all three were born and I was responsible for "C", soon to be known as Charlie, or as we nurses have been calling him "Chuck". Although I have been keeping a close eye on all three boys, I have only been taking care of Chuck since he was first born, so I know him best of all (after Ginger of course!!). Ever since Charlie was born he has been moving non-stop and very very feisty! He has, what I believe, the loudest voice of all three boys and he is not shy to protest when he doesn't like something! Just the other day I was down the hall and heard what I thought was the cry of a full term baby, come to find out that it was Charlie crying because he had filled his pants! I think Rob was a little scared!!

Charlie has the lightest, blondest hair of all three boys. Both his brothers have dark/brown hair, but Charlie is extremely fair, even his eye brows! and I believe his eyes are blue (even though most newborns are born with blue eyes.)His eyes are exquisite and incredibly inquisitive, not missing a thing when he is awake, which is most of the time. Since all three boys are all individuals in their own right, I must say that Charlie has moved along the quickest, although I may be a little partial:))) He has taken all of feeds in the last 24 hrs. almost all by mouth, which is absolutely incredible for someone born at his gestational age. He continues to amaze us all. I think he is trying to show off to his big brothers, Wes and Win that just because he's the youngest, he may not be the slowest!!!

I must say that over the past few days I have gotten to know the Bunn family and Rob and Ginger are an incredible team. They are amazing together and Wesley, Win and Charlie are very lucky to have been born into such a warm and loving family. I have been honored to care for these miracles, for which they truly are.

Sent with love, Shanna, RN.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


First of all, thank you everyone for your prayers. I can't remember much about the last few day (Rob will need to catch me up on what has actually happened), but all I know is that I feel exceptionally blessed to be able to sit here, upright and conscious, and send this note of thanks to you all.

The birth was a beautiful event, despite the fact that I had dirt as a pillow. :) I was so concerned with the boys health and all potential problems that they could have that I actually skipped over those chapters in the pregnancy books that addressed potential maternal complications. I figured it could never happen to me, but then again, this pregnancy was all about: if it happens to 1% of the population, then it happens to us.

We have had such incredible care at Mass General. We also are apparently the couple to break their incredible runs as surgeons. Our doctor told us today that after thousands and thousands of c-sections, he has never had to go back into emergency surgery to fix one of us his own. Not that this was his fault, but of course my body would like to do things differently. He mentioned that he often is faced with unusual signs in recovery, but this is the first time a patient had not responded to all treatments. Again, apparently we like to be that 1%. Apparently my blood pressure was 60/40 and they could tell my other systems were starting to fail. Rob has been an absolute rock to have his wife and 3 new boys in the ICU at the same time.

So my health is finally under control. I was moved out of the ICU yesterday, and finally feel a bit human today. I'm still exhausted, but at least now I feel somewhat coherant. All of my IVs, tubes and such have been removed, so now we're just focused on recovery, such as standing and walking.

The boys are doing great. Each is enjoying their first tanning experience, under the sun lamps for their jaundice. Wes and Charlie are off of all respiratory support (Wes even had his IV taken out). Winston still needs a little help keeping his lungs open, but should be off of that by tomorrow. Rob has already mastered diapering, temperature taking and bathing (for the boys and himself).

We will try to post more photos tonight or tomorrow. Thank you again everyone. I can't tell you have much it means to us to have all of your love and support at a very incredible yet frightening time.

Ginger, Rob, Winston, Wesley and Charlie

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A good end to a long day

Dear friends, I know it has not been an easy day to walk with us. Anyone who expected to come along side and to share our joy at the birth of our sons was snatched quite unexpectedly into the fear and shock which accompanied Ginger's emergency surgery today. I know that was a burden that many of you beared for us, praying and waiting long hours to hear that she came through ok. Please know how much it means to us.

The day ended very well. Ginger recovered from her second surgery quickly enough to be able to make a trip to the NICU and meet the boys for the first time. Wes and Charlie were doing well enough for her to hold them. She was the first to do so, and she surely earned that privilege today. The fact that she held and kissed our boys at the end of this day was nothing less than a miracle and the answer to countless of your prayers.

There is so much that will need to be said about this day when Ginger and I have a chance to reflect upon it, and I hope that you will all remain with us long enough for us to share what this day has meant. But tonight is a night for sleep.
Enjoy a handful of pictures from the birth yesterday. We will get some more pictures up in the next few days.
In order below are:
Ginger (in the OR) with a bag of Boykins, Virginia's finest dirt. These boys were born on soil from the Holy Land! Of course, Ginger will have you know, they were also born in Boston.
Wes and Charlie sharing a warmer in the OR.
Winston getting weighed.
Mom's first kiss with Charlie.

Out of surgery and OK

Ginger is out of surgery and is doing ok. Thank you all for your prayers today. She had over 2.5 liters of blood in her abdomen by the time the surgery was performed, so we are very thankful that the doctors decided to go back in when they did.

She is recovering in the surgical intensive care unit, but she is not yet awake. I hope to be able to go see her in an hour or so.

Quick update from surgery

A nurse just came in and told us that the doctors had opened up the incisions from yesterday's c-section and found "a belly full of blood." I think that news would be completely terrifying but for the fact that this was exactly what they expected and were looking for.

She is still in surgery and the doctors will next try to find and stop the bleeding.

Thank you all for praying.

Please pray.

The transfusion Ginger received this morning did not raise her blood pressure. In fact, her counts continued to drop throughout the process and an ultrasound of her abdomen showed free fluid in several places. The doctors presumed that this is internal bleeding from the c-section yesterday.

She has gone back into surgery so that the doctors can try to find the source of the bleeding and stop it.

It has been a very trying morning, as you can imagine. But the whole family is grateful to all those you have offered prayers for Ginger and who have sent along their well-wishes. Please continue to pray for her. It makes a difference.

A rough night

The good news from last night is that the boys are doing very, very well. They have all made it through the night breathing on their own, which is better than we expected given their prematurity. If they can fight through a bit more, they may avoid having to go on a respirator.

Ginger has had a bit tougher time. Her blood pressure has been very low since about 3:00 am, and she will need a transfusion later this morning to help get it up. If you wish to pray, please pray that the transfusion will raise her blood pressure and make her feel better, and that there will be no complications from the transfusion. Thank you all for you prayers and for following us through this process.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yippee! Yippee! Yippee!


Winston Robert, born 12:36, 4 lb 2 oz, 16 inches
Wesley James, born 12:37, 4 lb 2 oz, 16 inches
Charles Raymond, born 12:39, 4 lb 2 oz, 16 inches

They are all doing fine, although each is having some respiratory distress (more or less expected given they were born at 33 weeks 6 days). The will be in intensive care for a while in order to sort the breathing thing out.

Ginger was rock star good going through the c-section and is doing fine now.

I am not doing as well, since I failed to install drivers for our new digital camera on my laptop. Thankfully Ginger is willing to overlook this oops and not press for divorce. But, it does mean that it will be tomorrow before we can upload pictures.

Thank you all for your prayers. Will write more later when my heads stops spinning.

Cleared for landing!

We just found out that Ginger failed her test. (yippee! I have never been so excited to fail a test before.) We have just been moved to labor and delivery and they are trying to schedule an operating room to do the c-section this afternoon.

Nurses and doctors are starting to come in fast and furious. Gotta run. Keep praying for us!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Why we don't bet

A brief reprieve! Ginger's last blood test was good enough to table any more talk of having a c-section tonight.

Smart money, schmart money.

Everything now rides on the 24-hour urine test, which the doctor expects will show elevated protein levels. If so, then the c-section will happen tomorrow.

Too bad. If the boys came today then they would have arrived 24-7, the same way they will go once they are born.

Heads spinning

Two hours ago our doctor hinted that he felt today would be the day we deliver. I don't think either of us expected to be here when we called the doctor's office yesterday.

We are waiting for Ginger's last blood test to see if the results confirm the doctor's intuition.

I suppose the smart money is on 7/24 for the boys' birthdays.

Final countdown

The fun news from this morning is that Ginger is not going home until the boys are born, be it tomorrow (frighteningly likely) or a week from now. The docs are too concerned that she may be developing preeclampsia. The boys are very close to entering the world.

So, today's project is peeing in very big cup. Ginger will keep it all until midnight, and then the docs will test to see if her protein levels are high. If they are, then we will deliver tomorrow; if not, then we will hold out until something else makes the docs nervous. No one here is speaking in terms that indicate we will see the weekend without having three sons.

Now, more than ever, we are deeply grateful for your prayers. Thank you all for coming along side us through this process. We are almost done!

Things start to move...

It is 2:38 in the morning, and I just got home from the hospital (learning, once again, that dogs can't walk themselves). Ginger is still there, hooked up to about 100 different machines. But she is well, as are the babies, and for that both she and I are grateful.

We called the doctor today because Ginger had been experiencing upper abdominal pain since Saturday evening. His recommendation was to come into the hospital so that Ginger could be checked out.

The good news is that she doesn't show any signs of starting labor. The bad news is that there is just enough off-base with her blood tests that they intend to keep her in the hospital for 1-3 days in order to make sure that she is not developing complications.

Well, that's just dandy!

My guess (...hope...prayer) is that she will be able to come home later this week and that we can hold off delivery for about a week after that (that would put us at about 34-35 weeks, an amazing blessing!). But, this fact hit both of us right between the eyes tonight. The boys are coming, and they are coming soon. We might even see them tomorrow...

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Today I am 33 1/2 weeks and have the belly to prove it. (On average, triplets are born between 32-34wks.) When we first found out, I tried to imagine just how large and in charge I would be. (I'm a towering 5'4 with a very short torso.) Now I'm actually in that reality, and I feel it - I measure as if I'm 12 months pregnant. So I put together a timeline of my belly (with space at the bottom because the boys and I will hold out a few more weeks...right boys?).

My big beautiful belly, home to three 4 pounders:
(And maybe I'll finally figure out how to make this image larger by their first birthday...)

Triple the Blessing

We finally decided to join the masses and start a blog in order to update family and friends about the upcoming arrival of our triplet boys. And with a last name like Bunn, it's only fitting that this be called "3 Bunns in the Oven". (No, we're not naming them Hot Dog, Hamburger, and Cinnamon.) We have been blessed with a fairly complication-free pregnancy, considering all of the data and warnings we received from the doctors.

For now, enjoy a photo from our dear friend Adam Olenn. He managed to catch the moment that we told them we were finally pregnant, back in January. It's amusing to think that at this moment, we thought we were only expecting one...