Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nanna, Poppa and Thomas

One of the fun outings we had when Nanna and Poppa came to visit, was a trip to see Thomas the train. We had gone to the Day out with Thomas last year while in Maine, and the boys loved it. So we found a local Thomas event - and it was a perfect day for Nanna, Grammy, the boys and me. (Poppa got to stay home with Rob...more on that...)
Win, Charlie and Wes riding on Thomas the tank engine

You can see the blue Thomas train on the right hand side - can you tell we were sitting in the way back? This photo also shows all the fun rides at the park.

Riding on the caterpillar...the first of many rides. The boys (Wes especially) have inherited my love for amusement rides.

Wes on the merry go round

First merry go round ride! Wes, Grammy, Win, Nanna and Charlie


Win and I rode the flying elephants. Charlie and Grammy were in the elephant behind us, while Wes and Nanna went on the ferris wheel.

It was a good thing Nanna and Wes got on the ferris wheel when they did. They were one of the last people off before the ride was shut down due to a malfunction!

And if the day couldn't get any better, we came home to Daddy and Poppa making the boys big boy beds. It was such a gift that Poppa and Rob did this for the boys! More bed photos to come in the next post. Can you believe they made 3 beds in 8 hours?

The only downside to the day was that I ended up getting very sick. I was knocked out for the next two days with what turned out to be a sinus/chest infection. What an added blessing that Nanna and Poppa were here when they were, so I could rest and recover.

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