Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 4th in Ohio!

My grandma holds a family reunion at her house on the lake every July 4th. We haven't been able to travel for it for awhile, but this year we were so excited to be able to introduce the boys to my dad's childhood home and many family members.

During the 14 hour trip out, Charlie and Win decided to pass the time by drawing all over their arms.

We stayed in a great suite (so we had floorspace for their 3 pack n' plays). You know you're on vacation when you get to eat yogurt in Mommy & Daddy's room while watching doodah (tv)

The boys first boat ride
Winston at the wheel


But really cousin Shelby and Uncle Mark drove

Feeding the ducks

Uncle Mark and Poppy carved wooden boats for the boys to pull behind the boat. Amazing!

Poppy gave the boys a special vacation treat - orange soda (I mean, "pop" since we were in Ohio). Here's Win's orange pop mustache and big grin.

Charlie fell in the lake chasing the football he threw in

Friday night, Grandma held a Hawaiian Luau themed dinner. The boys dresses appropriately...

The boys loved the 4th of July boat parade!

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Anonymous said...

This looks like a wonderful trip (minus the van DVD player breaking!!). Thanks for posting.

Lala xx